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  1. The big one is MONEY! You can cut your utility bills in half. Imagine your furnace or air conditioner only having to run half the time it does now. Spray foam creates an air tight seal to keep you from losing heat in the winter or cool air in the summer.
  2. Mold & Mildew. Everyone has heard about the black mold and other mold epidemics that can infect your home. Spray foam insulation is moisture and vapor resistant and does not supply a breading ground for mold growth.
  3. Pests! Spray foam insulation does not make suitable nesting materials for unwanted bugs and rodents. It’s solid finished surface also does not allow room for nests and storage for little critters.
  4. Structural stability. Spray foam solidifies and improves the overall structural soundness of your home or buildings. Spray foam is not a structural substitute for lumber and should not be treated as such. However, if you have a home that has an older style roof, tall walls, or crumbling foundation stones, closed cell spray foam is a great way to add the extra rigidity needed to improve the stability of your home.

These are just few, there are so many more.. like:

  • High insulation value
  • Rapid payback with energy savings
  • Strong bond and wind uplift resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Withstands Hurricane or forceful wind

To find out what personal benefits you can receive from SPF insulation contact us now by phone or  Email:[email protected]

Compare to traditional cellulose and fiberglass insulation…. there is no comparison!

Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes says:

I think it’s the best possible insulation on the market—no question. Spray foam is effective overall at creating that complete thermal break in the building envelope. It covers everything so there’s no possibility of cold spots, voids or settling. There is no air movement between outside and inside, so there’s no possibility of condensation and, since it’s inorganic it won’t allow for mould growth.