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How does spray foam insulation work?

Spray Insulation is made by mixing reactive chemicals to create a liquid foam that expands on contact to insulate and create an air and moisture barrier. It offers superior heat transfer resistance and barrier to unwanted air infiltration through crack, seams and joints.



  • When sprayed the insulation is able to be inserted into full walls, trusses and etc no matter the size. It expands 5 to 10 times its size from liquid to solid form upon installation. The ability to completely seal a home or building is greatly increased by sealing hard to reach cracks and crevices. It can be as effective in new or existing structures.


  • Spray foam insulation becomes a hard, impermeable surface completely covering a surface, even in the cracks. Traditional fiberglass insulation allows for air to flow around the surface and it is difficult to fill cracks and creases. Air has a harder time escaping or entering through the spray foam creating a solid air tight seal. This means less heat loss in the cooler months and less cold air loss in the hotter months.


  • The impermeable structure of the spray foam against air eliminates condensation and moisture. Convection is the transfer of warm air to an area of cold air. When warm air is introduced to cold air, the moisture in the warm air is released and causes condensation. Since air cannot travel through the spray foam, convection is ceased, and vapor collection is avoided.

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